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Savic Pets’ Favourite – Puppy Trainer Pads

Dog pads.? 30 pieces



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The Puppy Trainer Medium pads (45 x 30 cm) are ideal for toilet training your puppy.

They are especially recommended for smaller breeds of dogs. The pads can also be used as a toilet area for indoor confined and ill adult dogs. You can use the Puppy Trainer pads in combination with the Puppy Trainer Medium Starter Kit ( 3240).

Our Puppy Trainer pads are super absorbent. We claim that our pads are dry after 30 seconds. Due to this quick absorption, the puppy?s paws stay clean and dry. This means no paw prints on the floor. The silica gel in the pad enables quick absorption of the moisture and it neutralises the bad urine smells. It does this better than any other pad available on the market. Finally, the pad stays intact thanks to the non-woven fabric, even when it is saturated. The pads do not leak onto the floor thanks to the use of polyethylene plastic.

30 Pieces


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