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Note On Purchasing Online Pet Prescriptions –  Your pet must attend NOAH, AmyLara or Malahide Veterinary Clinics. Your name, pets name and address is required with each purchase so we validate your prescription. 

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About Our Prescription Service

A veterinary prescription must be obtained from our veterinary clinics to purchase any pet medicines online. A vet prescription is a document that is provided by your vet which details your information, your pet’s information, the pet medicines to be prescribed, the strength, amount etc. The purpose of the vet prescription is to safeguard your animal, as it proves that a vet has seen the animal and made a clinical assessment that the pet medication is appropriate. If vet prescriptions were not required by law to purchase pet medicines, this could lead to over dosing, under dosing or inappropriate use of pet medicines which could all cause great harm to the animal.

  • We actively work with the practice policy of minimal use of antibiotics to reduce the incidence of resistance.
  • We encourage routine blood screening to check for any side effects or monitoring of therapeutic blood levels of medicines.
  • Clinical waste is dealt with in a legal and professional manner.
  • All our medicines are licensed and approved by the Irish Medicines Board.
  • We actively report any side effects to medicines to the authorities.
  • We offer a postal repeat prescription service to our clients. All our medicines are stored in keeping with legal requirements.

Prescription Terms & Conditions

Repeat medications are available on request upon the following conditions:

  • Your pet’s condition is steady and has not shown any recent increase in symptoms or signs of ill health.
  • Repeat medications are dispensed at the vets’ discretion and cannot be prescribed without a vet’s authorisation
  • Your pet must be examined and assessed by one of our veterinary surgeons. We usually set this at every 6 months, but this will vary with an individual’s health and progress. Medication which is taken from the practice’s premises cannot be returned for credit or refund

These conditions are in line with the veterinary pharmacy legislation (Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Council of Ireland and the Irish Medicines Board)and therefore we are unable to provide medication if your pet is due for a health check.

To request a repeat medication, please complete the form on this page or telephone your surgery. If there is a reason we are unable to provide your pet’s medication, we will get in touch with you using the contact telephone number you provide us with.

Please note: repeat medications requests can take up to three working week days to process. Some medications may also need to be ordered if not in stock which may add to the processing time. However, if medication is URGENT, please call the surgery, and we shall try to fast track the process.
An invoice will be issued to you upon receipt and confirmation of your order, failure/delay in completing payment may add to processing times for your request